Facts About Parallel Modular Kitchen Designs

Parallel Modular Kitchen

parallel kitchen is simply a layout in which cabinets and countertops are designed in parallel format. A corridor space is there for smooth movement.

Who should use a parallel kitchen?

Parallel Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs is the best for the ones who have limited space as there is no confusion of wasted corner spaces.

Things to be considered while designing a parallel kitchen

  • Keep a minimum distance of about 3 to 4 feet for a comfortable walk.
  • Place stove and sink on the same slab.
  • Maximize the cabinet space but be sure to have enough space for door opening.

Trendy parallel kitchen design

Black Kitchen

The black kitchen is very much appealing and gives a bold look. Go for black only for lower fragrances and go light with upper fragrances.

Pastel Shades

A pastel shade in the kitchen gives a serene look. Experiment with combinations of shades and see the appealing results.

All white

An All White Kitchen is a never go out of style and is a safe bet.

Whom to approach for parallel kitchen designs?

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