Straight Kitchen A Layout Best Suited For Studio And 1 BHK Apartment

wow modular kitchen in delhiStraight kitchen: Straight Kitchen is often known in colloquial language as Single Line Kitchen. It is minimalistic in design as all its cabinets and other fixtures are installed using a single wall of the Kitchen. It is best suited for studio or 1BHK apartments where the houses are so designed featuring spaces with open concept floor plans to the kitchen and adjacent areas. The space for Kitchen is open and generally very small. This layout provides a single work line, aligning all the work areas in the kitchens sink, gas stove, fridge and place for other kitchen gadgets in one row. This setup allows smooth and uninterrupted working in a small kitchen set up as everything needed for cooking lay adjacent to each other. Due to its compact layout, it smoothens cooking, prepping and cleaning after every cooking.

A Straight Modular Kitchen is suitable for basic cooking. This type of Kitchen is often a preference of a single working man or woman with or without any partner living in a 1BHK or studio apartment. A straight line kitchen is a great option for those who prefer to eat more outside than to cook at home.

A modular kitchen becomes absolutely necessary in 1 BHK house and studio apartment because in both types of houses the kitchen is always open and a scattered kitchen can spoil the beauty of the whole house. Smart Modular Kitchen is the best answer for a clutter-free kitchen in both types of houses.

With the introduction of 1BHK or studio apartments in metros and other towns of the country either due to economic or other reasons, a modular kitchen has become a necessity rather than luxury it allows better functionality and space management in the kitchen.

Why is Modular Kitchen a necessity in Studio apartments? Modification of the kitchen in a studio or 1BHK apartment becomes all the more necessary as a cluttered kitchen spoils the overall beauty of the house in these open space design homes. Also if an open space kitchen is left unmodified it makes working in the kitchen all the more difficult.

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