Tips For Termite-Free Modular Kitchen

termite free modular kitchen in delhiThe kitchen is the place where delectable memories are cooked in the form of delicious dishes. But, are you sure is it termite-free?

A call with an expert will be a great aid in making your Termite Free modular kitchen. However, if you designing a new kitchen or renovating it, chances are rare.

Though termite does not go after sumptuous snacks but can ruin your kitchen experience.

Here are the resistance tips for your termite-free kitchen experience.

  • First, implement termite control before you start

Adopt preventive measures to keep termites at bay. If you are remodelling your kitchen, first call the termite inspection team to inspect the damaged area and then proceed with further construction.

  • Use processed or engineered woods

Processed or engineered woods do not assure to have a termite-free kitchen but lower the risk as termites are less likely to consume. Natural wood is an appealing option, so better to avoid the same.

  • Let your kitchen have an adequate sunlight

During designing, make sure your modular kitchen receives adequate rays of sunlight to keep termites at bay. Termites will not harm your kitchens they remain inactive during sunlight. A large window will give a more modular space.

  • Keep pipes clean

To keep termites away, fix leakage in the pipe, and flush out regularly to make everything termite-free. It is the key thing in preventing termites to get enter into your kitchen.

  • Keep an eye on signs

Termites can be spotted anywhere in terms of pinholes in the walls, wood dust, discarded wings etc. Hallow-sounding of woods is the easiest way to get acknowledged that your home is under termites’ attack.

  • Home remedies are good to go

Sanitizing your home and cleaning nearby gutters will be good to go to stop termites’ invasion in your home. Sprinkle orange oil is considered poisonous to many pests. Old cardboard, wet with water drops will be a great aid. Once termites are attracted to the wooden scent, they destroy it.

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